About Us

Houston House Painting

The craftsmen at Frank Edwards Construction have been working diligently remodeling Houston and the nearby communities for nearly four decades. That’s several decades of continuous workmanship. This dedicated workmanship has inspired us to excel as a company with a goal working on quality workmanship and earning the trust, confidence, and respect of our customers.

Frank Edwards started the company in 1968 after beginning his building career as a teenage framer. His wide reaching experience in building homes made to order has transformed into a successful remodeling dedicated contractor that creates something special to any job. Today, no wish is beyond our means for us to handle.

Remodeling Houston homes is a process that involves conceptualizing the project right from the start, working with the city of Houston in obtaining permits, passing city inspections, and completing the job using exceptional resources and highly-qualified craftsmen. But there’s much more to it than that. Making dead-on ballpark figures, staying close a customer’s budget, aligning our vision with the customer’s conception, filing claims with insurance companies (if necessary), and helping with the loan process are also significant aspects of our business.

We treat your home as if it were our own and make every effort to make the process as stress-free as can be under the circumstances. It’s hard having your home in various stages of the remodeling process and we realize that. We work hand-in-hand with you to help you prepare for the different phases of the project.

Various types of Remodeling jobs
During our tenure in Houston, we’ve worked on most types of rebuilding work you can conceive including garage makeovers, carports, patio covers, concrete installations, decks, second stories, siding, brick work, room add-ons, custom rebuilding, new buildings, kitchens, restrooms, and custom-built houses. Whatever you can dream up, we’ve already accomplished it and are ready, willing, and able to do it for you. We’ve been building the best of the best for over forty years!

Insurance claims and repairs
Houston homes that have been structurally damaged by fire, water, storms, and hail are often protected against such calamities. We can carry out structural repairs to your home and help you with the procedures of insurance claims and repairs. We’ll get your house back into sound shape on a first priority basis.

Complete customer satisfaction
Remodeling your house is one of life’s biggest stressors and we know that. We reach for satisfying each and every one of our customers and lending you excellent customer service from start to finish. From carefully listening to your requirements and coming up with an correct quote to performing the rebuilding job following a reasonable schedule to providing you with insurance claims and financial assistance and everything else, your overall satisfaction is our number one priority. We are always just a call away.